ISAIA 2018

October 23rd(Tue) - 26th(Fri), 2018/ Pyeongchang Alpensia, Gangwon, Korea


Important Dates
  • Submission of Abstract
    June 19, 2018
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance
    June 22, 2018
  • Submission of Full Paper
    August 14 August 24, 2018
  • Notification of Final Acceptance
    August 31 September 7, 2018

TODAY 2021. 04. 12

ISAIA 2018



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Keynote Speakers

Concert Hall, October 24(Wed) 10:30~11:10

    • Cui Kai
    • China Architecture and Design Group
    • Honorary President
    • China


  • Land-based Rationalism: My Design Philosophy

Concert Hall, October 24(Wed) 11:10~11:50

    • Riken Yamamoto
    • Nagoya Zokei University of the Arts & Design
    • Professor
    • Japan



Concert Hall, October 24(Wed) 11:50~12:30

    • Jang Yoon Gyoo
    • Unsangdong Architects
    • Principal
    • Korea


  • Connective Compound Body

Concert Hall, October 25(Thur) 10:00~10:40

    • Jeong Hoon Lee
    • JOHO Architecture​
    • Principal
    • Korea


  • Material_Metry : Interpretation of Materials as a Geometric Unit of Measurement and the Semantic Reconstruction of a Site

Concert Hall, October 25(Thur) 10:40~11:20

    • Moon Hoon
    • Moonbalsso
    • Architect
    • Korea


  • Doodle Constructivism​

Concert Hall, October 25(Thur) 11:20~12:00

    • Chanjoong Kim
    • Principal
    • Korea


  • Context Driven Architecture in Korea​

Special Session 1

Reunification : Preparation for the Reunification of Korean Peninsula focused on Architecture, Urban Issues Including Infrastructure

October 24(Wed) 14:00~16:00

Auditorium(1F), Alpensia Convention Center

Moderator Dae Ik Kim (Professor, Hankyong National University, Korea)
Speaker SS 1-1. Architecture of Modern Society (AV show)
SS 1-1.Gunter Henn (Professor, Technical University of Dresden, Germany)
SS 1-2. North Korean Architecture - Present and Past
SS 1-2.Valeriy A. Savostenko (Associate Professor, Far Eastern Federal University, Russia)
SS 1-3. A Study on the Improvement of Housing Environment in North Korea
SS 1-3.Jin Chul Park (Professor, Chung-Ang University, Korea)
SS1-4. Public Private Partnership(P/PP) Application to Care TB Disease in North Korea
SS 1-4.Jong Ho Ock (Professor, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea)
Panelists Youngjong Lee (Director, Joongang Ilbo, Korea)
Jong-Suk Lee (Principal, Hudigm Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd., Korea)
Jae Yong Chung (Professor, Hong Ik University, Korea)
* Session Organizer Dae Ik Kim (Professor, Hankyong National University, Korea)

Special Session 2

Smart City : Making a Good City with Utilizing Cutting Edge Technology

October 24(Wed) 16:30~18:30

Auditorium(1F), Alpensia Convention Center

Speaker Do Nyun Kim (Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Sessions SS 2-1. Smart City Development towards Sustainable Communities
SS 2-3.Shinji Yamamura (Principal Consultant, Nikken Sekkei, Japan)
SS 2-2. Shanghai Urban Regeneration - Some Key Issues in the New Era
SS 2-2.Yongjie Sha (Professor, Tongji University, China)
SS 2-3. People-centered Smart City and Busan National Pilot City
SS 2-1.Edward Yang (Doshik Yang) (Director, The Centre for Future City / AP, Busan Smart Eco Delta City of K-water, Korea)
Panelists Kwang Chan Kyung (Smart City Unit Director, LG Uplus, Korea)
Sung Min Yang (Associate Principal, SAMOO Architects & Engineers, Korea)
Sae Hyung Sohn (Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Hee-Ji Lim (Senior Research Fellow, The Seoul Institute, Korea)
* Session Organizer Do Nyun Kim (Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

Official & Social Program

The official and social functions are elaborately designed to provide all participants with an opportunity to exchange greetings as well as intimacy. In addition these programs will offer an exciting chance to experience a uniqueness and in-depth culture of Korea during the symposium.

Opening Ceremony

  • Date : October 24(Wed), 2018
  • Time : 10:00~10:30
  • Location : Concert Hall(1F), Alpensia Resort
  • Opening Ceremony will officially declare the commencement of ISAIA 2018 at the Concert Hall, Alpensia Resort.

Welcome Reception

  • Date : October 24(Wed), 2018
  • Time : 19:00~21:00
  • Location : Lake Hall(2F), Alpensia Convention Center
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Participants can enjoy the warm welcome of the organizing committee as well as food and drinks. It will provide an occasion to enhance old friendships and establish new ones with colleagues from around the world.

Farewell Dinner

  • Date : October 25(Thu), 2018
  • Time : 19:00~21:00
  • Location : Grand Ballroom(2F), Alpensia Convention Center
  • Dress Code: Semi Formal
  • Participants, who want to join, please come and enjoy being a memorable experience during the symposium. Dance and music will be performed. It will be the last opportunity to be keeping the friendship among participants from other counties. And, the award ceremony will be followed by dinner, please congratulate the awardees.